Why is it Ill – advised to Leave Your Full Septic Tank Uninspected for Prolonged Period

Having a fully functional septic system is essential to your sewage system and water processing system of your neighborhood. Being that there is no way you can know what happens inside a full septic tank until you have it inspected, the best thing you can do is service it on a regular basis. There are several scenarios that may occur if you leave you septic tank full for a prolonged period of time without servicing it.

Thorough Suction

Once you schedule a service of your septic tank, there are a couple of things to adhere to make sure that everything is done properly. First, make sure that the servicing staff is certified to do the pumping job. Without proper papers, they shouldn’t be allowed to do this job.

The second thing that you need to pay attention to is that the pump job is done accordingly, leaving no scum nor sludge behind. A good pumper will remove even the smallest amount of this natural debris, leaving your septic tank ready for use. What’s the harm of bad pumping job you may ask? Well, first of all if there is even smallest amount of sludge, once you start using the septic tank again that amount will add up to the existing amount. This interferes with the water separation process leaving more sludge and debris in the sedimentation zone instead of filtered liquid. So make sure that your pumper did a good job.

If you hired the right person you won’t have to stick around and check every move he makes. A professional pumper will back flush into the tank to remove any remaining debris.